Welcome To KYLYK

By Mac Pollett

Hello there!

Welcome to our website!

We plan on using this little corner of the internet as a hub for all of our music, merch and any updates on how we're progressing.

We've been working tirelessly to create our debut EP so you can finally have our music in your earholes - music that we're very proud of and can't wait for you to hear. We wanted to take a moment to share our progress so far, and explain why this has taken longer than expected.

Initially, we had begun recording our EP back in August of 2017 and had expected to have it out by now. At the time, we were recording at a different studio with different people. Everyone, including the producer, put a lot of time and hard work into creating the EP.

Unfortunately due to events that were totally out of our control and the control of  people involved, we lost everything.

We had two choices:

  •  Try to salvage what we already had and finish it on our own.
  •  Reach out to another studio and start again.

We wanted (and still want) to put out music that we were all proud of - That we could listen to and be proud to say,
"This is us. We made this."
So we decided to scrap what we had made entirely, and reach out to another studio and finish what we started.

Enter North Bay's very own Ben Legget.

As soon as we stepped into Ben's studio, we knew we were in the right place. Just listening to our tracks unmixed and untouched had us more excited than a kid on Christmas. He's been nothing but patient, flexible and honest during the creation of this EP and we can't thank him enough. We're in the process of recording the last of the vocals, and can't wait for you to hear this EP that we've been so secretive about.

The EP has been titled "Host", and will include the following songs:

L'appel du Vide
Dead Stars
Old Hag

We're working on the creation of a music video for Old Hag that we want to have out within the next little while, with the rest of the EP being released in May.
The Host EP will be the first of a collection of two, with the next EP coming sometime in the following year.

We're having an EP fundraiser show Saturday, February 24th at The Fraser tavern to help us cover the costs of recording. As any artist knows, recording is not cheap. So even just by showing up to this show you're helping us a lot more than you know. We have some brand new merch that we're also really stoked on, and will be doing a draw for.
We'll be joined by awesome local acts like Bastard Squad, Jinn and Buried Out Back - none of which you'll want to miss.So if you're in the area, come out for a time of drinks, mayhem and great local music.
 You can click [here](https://www.facebook.com/events/160238408031624/) for the Facebook event.

Again, we can't express how excited we are for you to hear our music. Each member of our band has made sacrifices to make this EP a reality, and we're incredibly proud of the results. We've been honored at how well we've been received at our live shows in our hometown of North Bay and everywhere else we've played, and we hope that this EP is a testament of how thankful we are for your support.

We'll be seeing you soon.